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The English Lake District World Heritage Site | Branding

The English Lake District achieved World Heritage status in the summer of 2017 and that's where the real work started for us. Since then we have been researching, sketching, discussing, creating and reviewing a brand identity which can encompass everything that this special place represents.

The challenge for us was to find a solution that would have the ability to convey the heritage of the landscape, the work and influence of the people who live here and its inspirational qualities on a rich artistic scene, encompassing everything from revered poetry to contemporary art installations. The solution was a logo with a flexible message, which enables the end user to tailor the logo to their needs, underpinned by the official Unesco inscription.

Brand applications | Pin badge and fabric tag

Brand application | Hawkshead Relish

Conceived as a signature identity that would happily sit with a multitude of existing brand styles, and underpin them with the status of being situated within a World Heiritage Site, the logo has quickly taken on a life of its own. The broad variety of messages lend themselves to a wide variety of applications and it is this flexibilty that has seen it adopted by local businesses and organisations to promote their part in the World Heritage Site.

Brand application | Jennings Brewery


Brand launch | Shop in... screen printed tote bags

As part of the initial launch we had a limited edition run of screen printed bags made using the 'Shop in' version of the brand. Here are some behind the scenes images from Ben Dodge's studio showing the making of.

Brand launch | BBC News Northwest Tonight

The logo and brand guidelines were officially launched at the Westmorland County Show along with a variety of initial applications, including stickers for labelling produce, embroidery on to work wear and messaging on merchandise such as drinks bottles and coasters. We were thrilled that it was featured on the BBC's evening news, you can watch the clip back here...

The logo | A selection of executions