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The Cumberland | Branding

To paraphrase Hot Chocolate, it started with an ad... for what became an award winning campaign (which you can find further down this page). From there we built a relationship with The Cumberland which led us to working together on a full re-brand encompassing everything from tone of voice, infusing some straight talking Cumbrian into the financial world, to imagery, colour, the logo and even the name itself; a subtle but important change which introduced 'The' as a prefix. All of which culminated in a brand book and guidelines which clearly state who they are, what they're here for and perhaps most significantly, why.

The Logo | Thoroughly modern

When dealing with a well established and perhaps more importantly, well trusted logo, it's often a case of handle with care. With more dramatic changes to other areas of the brand we took the approach of tweaking and refining rather than throwing everything out and starting from scratch, resulting in a logo which sits seamlessly with the new look and has the longevity to adapt to change for the years to come.


Advertising | Sometimes words are all you need

Advertising | Cumbrian Campaign 48 Sheet Billboard

Imagery is a big part of most brands and can tell you a lot about them. As a building society The Cumberland faces the conundrum of how to make the often non-visual services they provide, into something tangible, something that has a sense of identity. To further intertwine The Cumberland with their roots we looked to the local landscape for inspiration.

The shot here was photographed, art-directed and re-touched by oursleves and features local Yogi Hannah, who is on brand in green hues from the palette. We played on this further giving the image itself a distinctive filtering to bring out the greens on what was a chilly winter morning.


Brand Guidelines | A selection of pages from The Cumberland brand guidelines

From the archive | A selection of our work prior to the re-brand

Advertising | 'In the time it takes...' Campaign. When we were briefed to create a christmas ad...

Estate Agent Advertising | Web banners

Bus Advertising

Advertising | 'In the time it takes...' Campaign