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Swallow Books | Branding and book jacket design

It's always great to be in on something from the start and so we were delighted when Swallow Books invited us to work with them on their branding and cover style. A local indie book publisher, Swallow Books take their name from Arthur Ransome's classic tale set here in the Lake District. So for the logo itself a lot of twitching and research ensued to find our perfect shape. The classic diving swallow, whose energy and elegance seemed the perfect fit was hand drawn and crafted here in the studio.

Whilst the saying goes you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, everyone does! So it was refreshing to work with Swallow Books on a house style that would be adaptable to all their published works. Below is the first book, Dances with the Daffodils by Matthew Connolly and we have recently completed the cover for Morph by Jill Clough.

Dances with Daffodils cover | The branding goes further than the logo, encompassing the cover to create a house style


Cover details | With the cover being so minimal, it became all about the attention to detail

Back cover | The attention to detail extends around to the back of the jacket 


Logotype and Icon | Foil blocked design to the front and cap labels