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Susan Child | Logo

Susan Child is a creative photographer whose effortlessly cool, quirky personality and style, seeps into the images she captures. This has the effect of making them at once personal to the client, enduring to the viewer and instantly recognisable as Susan's.

The challenge for us was how to represent the person behind the lens. So we began by poring over her image library, which was a delight but in the end it was our love of typography, combined with research into the artists view of the image which brought us to the concept below. Putting ourselves in Susan's shoes, we looked at the viewfinder, particularly on the more traditional 5x4 format cameras so well loved by artistic photographers over the years and found the idea sitting before us.

Manual focussing is aided by the split prism and microprism ring on the viewfinder and with a little tweaking this became Susan's initials, a fitting monogram for someone who has their own distinctive view on life.

Logo | Classic Black and White


Logo Application | We didn't design Susan's Website but we do like the way the logo looks on it

Watermark | Hands off, this belongs to Susan!