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Lowther Castle & Gardens | A selection of projects

We have worked with Lowther Castle & Gardens over the past couple of years, covering a broad range of projects from their ice-cream cart graphics to packaging, leaflets, posters and animations for instagram. We created a new look and feel for their printed material, inspired by Dan Pearson's planting of the Parterre to the South side of the Castle. We took those forms and others from the castle itself to give a bespoke feel to their literature. We accompanied this with a suite of distinctive titles which expand on the theme of Castle & Gardens, so Easter became Dragons & Chocolate, Valentines Day; Love Letters & Pancakes and well, you get the idea. Below you'll find a few of our handpicked favourites.

Brochure | You'll see this everywhere, pick one up!

Signage | Bespoke signage from the main entrance and one of 19 signs dotted around the Gardens at Lowther

Honey Packaging | This is just one of three varieties made by Jim Lowther on the Estate


Navigation & Knowledge | Our welcome leaflet is the first thing visitors to the Castle receive

Turner at Lowther Castle | Posters and A-Boards to announce the arrival of Turner's view of Lowther Castle


Love Letters & Pancakes | Valentines Day at Lowther Castle, Illustrated by Sarah Farooqi