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Lake District Pound | Note Design

The Lake District Pound notes are every bit as unique as the special place they are designed to support. Conceived to help boost the local economy and in partnership with the Lakes Foundation, to help look after the landscape for future generations, the Lake District Pound is very much well spent, wherever you use it.

We were responsible for the art-direction of the notes and the design of the landscape side. Our aim was to put a new twist on the well known and well loved landscapes of the Lake District, taking classic veiws and giving them a geometric twist, working texture and pattern into them to bring out the depth and rich storytelling of the land into the design.

Note Design | On display at the launch of the Lake District Pound

Note Design | Bespoke illustrations by Holly Acland

On the character sides we worked closely with local illustrator, Holly Acland to bring celebrated figures and scenes of the Lake District to life in her signature style, providing a more personal approach to the personality driven side of the classic banknote.

Note Design | Landscape side of the notes in their custom wallet


Final edits to the notes and the design of the presentation material was made by the in-house team.

Buying Tramadol In Australia Order Tramadol From Mexico Discount Tramadol Online