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We were really proud to have won this particular 4 way pitch. It's our home town. Who wouldn't be proud to brand the place where you live and work. The brief was simple, the brand had to be generic enough to appeal to everyone but be flexible enough that it could be used on every kind of promotional material from banners to advertising to street signage.

The simple, graphic logo we created uses a hand-made font that represents 4 strands of wool. 'Wool is my bread' was Kendal's strapline many years ago so we wanted to draw on this heritage.

Kendal Destination Branding | Advertising

Kendal Destination Branding | Icons

We then went on to create icons for Sports & Leisure, History & Heritage, Parks & Gardens & Arts & Culture, again the 4 strands of wool appear in each one. Finally we were asked to look at merchandise for the town. 

Kendal Destination Branding | Merchandise

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