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HOKA ONE ONE (owned by US giant Deckers) originally engineered a unique performance running shoe that features a higher volume, softer density and greater rebounding foam than standard shoes. They were also one of the first to incorporate minimum drop geometry along with a rolling rocker design. Their designs are always colourful and striking.

We were appointed by the London Marketing team to essentially take the US creative and adapt it for the European market. We have produced everything from top line advertising, retail graphics for stores across Germany, trade stands for European Outdoor Shows, staff training manuals, POS and all their European digital work.

Print Ads | 'Sweet Cushion' Campaign

Web Banner | 'Sweet Cushion' Campaign

Print Ads | 'Tick Tock' Campaign

Web Advertising Banner  |  'Tick Tock' Campaign

Print Ads | 'Let's Go' Campaign

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