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Colourform by Croppers | Branding and Website

Part of being a designer, at least in the world of print, means working with paper, lots of it, which we love. So being invited to work with makers of fine papers, James Cropper, on their new paper packaging project, was something of a dream come true.

Colourform is a bespoke paper moulding that can go from a pulp to a smooth solid three dimensional form in a matter of minutes. Unlike Henry Ford, Croppers are known for their love of colour and use their in-house labs to create Colourform products in any colour you like.

We were asked to create a logo, branding, book and website to capture the versatility and vibrancy of Colourform. Inspired by the product itself we crafted a bespoke typographic logo that can be rendered in 3D or stripped back and embossed, sit over imagery, letting the colour and texture come through or part filled to create intriguing shapes.

For the finishing touch we cut the Os to echo the giant rolls of paper that occupy the warehouses at James Cropper.

Colourform Logo | Like the product itself, the logo can be moulded to suit different uses

Colourform Book | Beautifully produced using paper made here in Cumbria by James Cropper

To accompany the branding we created a book which sits somewhere between informative brochure and beautiful coffee table peice. Of course working with a paper company gave us a myriad of options here. In the end we went with Vanguard for the cover, featuring a white foil blocking to the logo and a series of colourful inserts that are blind embossed and varnished.

It's these inserts between the sections of the book that not only provide a function, in allowing the team or customer to quickly find a particular section, but also give us a funky rainbow edge!

The book itself was printed in Kendal and features product photography from local collaborator Lucy Barden.


Colourfrom Book | The cover features a white foil blocked logo on Vanguard stock

Colourfrom Book | Coloured stock inserts separate sections within the book... and make for a cool rainbow edge

Website | Homepage and Lush Case Study

To complement the book we also worked with James Cropper to create a bespoke website for Colourform. This takes the styling of the book online, into a beautiful, yet very informative site.

As well as featuring all the content from the book (and more!) the site takes the experience further through videos and case studies to really show what Colourform is capable of.