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Levison Wood is an explorer, journalist, photographer and has made several TV documentries - 'Walking the Nile', 'Walking the Himalayas' and is currently filming 'Walking the Americas' for Channel 4. He is also a Craghoppers Ambassador and regularly tests their kit on his epic adventures.

We had previously worked with Levison on a studio shoot in London, modelling the insect-repellent NosiLife gear but now it was time to tackle the new Autumn/Winter 16 range.

Lev was invited to spend a couple of days with us in Manchester. First we filmed him at Crags HQ in Trafford Park - meeting the team and discussing the new range with the designers, then spent the afternoon getting studio stills in the city. On day two we took him to Grizedale Forest in the Lake District for some location shots and video. We often produce short films and video clips for our clients and do all our video editing and post production in-house. The two 'behind the scenes' short films are viewable lower down on this page.

The Autumn/Winter 16 campaign featuring Lev will appear in National Press, In-Store POS and Retail store windows.

Filming by Andrew Lawrence.

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