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Craghoppers | Svalbard Photo & Video Shoot

We as an agency have been working with Craghoppers for many years now and in that time we’ve visited some incredible countries around the world. We’d visited the Arctic Circle once before in Northern Canada but never in Europe. The brand is gathering pace worldwide and so for our winter collection we decided a place like Svalbard would be a great testing ground for the kit.

Svalbard is a series of small islands under the rule of Norway and is interestingly the last populated place on earth before you reach the North Pole, often used as a training ground for North Pole explorers. The weather can be extreme and unpredictable all year round and the landscapes are as dramatic as anywhere in the world. It is rich in wildlife and popular with Polar expeditions and scientific research. This time of year it never gets dark too so we knew we could shoot at any time of the day or night if needed.

Art Directing a shoot like this can be a challenge especially with a large crew. We try to research as much as we can before flying out but there are always plenty of unexpected surprises along the way. We have to think of lots of end uses too, web, social, retail and strong brand messages. For this shoot we also brought along a film maker, so again it was a challenge fitting stills and video into the tight daily schedules. Overall though we have a very talented and experienced team who all know their roles well. We work hard but we always keep the vibe lighthearted, which shows in the films and photography.

Filming by Jago Miller.

Video | Svalbard AW18

Video | 'Snackables' for social media channels