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Chilli Communications | Branding and Website

Occasionally, well ok rarely but it can happen! A branding project has one solution which is such a clear winner that you only need present that option. Our logo for Chilli Communications was one such concept, something simple, typographic (we love to play with type) that captures what they do and avoids the obvious. Though we couldn't resist a red hot paint job.

By replacing the tittle (yep that's the technical term for the dot above the i) with a quotation mark not only does it give the logo a quirky tweak but the quote marks can then be used on their own to brand up content. Whether that's as an icon for social media channels or to bring a Chilli brand feel to quotes, the distinctive red marks work for both in-house communications and for the inspiring work of others.

Logo | Red hot!

Freedom of Speech | Quotation marks instantly bring brand recognition to any communication


Social Media | On brand

Website | Homepage and Contact page

To complement the identity for Chilli we sourced a range of imagery that features anything and everything red, bringing a fun visual element to a world of words. The team at Chilli carried this through on to their instagram account giving it a branded feel without being overly corporate. The same look and feel extends to the wesbite we created for them, which like the logo itself is simple, bright and fun.

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