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Biketreks | Branding

We're keen bikers so getting the opportunity to re-brand Biketreks was a dream come true. Having undergone a change of ownership in recent years and the building of their flagship store at Ings, just south of Windermere, Biketreks felt their brand was in need of a re-fresh too. The challenge was to create something that worked equally well for mountain bikes, road bikes and e-bikes.

To bridge these very different disciplines we looked to the one thing they all have in common, speed. After much doodling and drooling over cool bikes (research is vital!) we decided to craft a bespoke logotype. We settled on slightly elongated letter forms, spaced to give a sense of movement and all kicked off with the open backed B which doubles as an icon for usage on items such as signage and social media.

Icon | The bespoke typography is lead by the icon which can be separated for signage, social media, t-shirts...

Signage | Biketreks Road store with the new logo in place

Brand iterations | Logotypes and icons for Biketreks and E-Biketreks

Biketreks has always had a hot orange as it's brand colour and this was something we all agreed worked as a link to its heritage, a little familiarity in a brave new world. And nothing sums up the latter like e-bikes, a growing part of any biking scene. From roadies wanting to go the extra mile to mountain bikers looking for an uplift to get one last descent in to touring endless miles it's an area that demanded its own brand. To coincide with the opening of Biketreks new e-bike store, we flipped the B to neatly give us an E, creating a seamless transition to the new venture.

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