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Biketreks | Website

After tackling the re-brand it was time to move onto the website! The guys at Biketreks have put a lot of time and effort into raising the bar with their 2 stores so the new website needed to reflect this high standard. The site is an e-commerce store with huge ranges of bikes available with many custom options and also a growing selection of other high end kit and accessories. With this new site we have given Biketreks the ability to quickly update both products and info pages on the site themselves and tie in to other content from their growing social media presence.

Attention to detail | Commissioned photoshoot for category headers.

To maintain consistency, Biketreks provided us with key bikes from their different categories of Road, Mountain Bike, Electric and Hybrid so we could photograph each in our studio. This attention to detail is all part of the service and something both Biketreks and ourselves pride ourselves on. By shooting each bike in the studio we created lots more content for use across the site and on social media.

Photography | Studio shots for bike details and social media

While shooting the main category images we made the most of our studio and lighting set up to shoot a series of detail and abstract shots of the bikes in all their glory. Shooting them against the dark backdrop with subtle lighting creates glimpses of the beautiful finish and details of these high end machines, the shots themselves can go on to be used across advertising, social media and of-course throughout the website.