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The Armitt | Branding

The Armitt approached us for a full rebrand as they felt their original branding had become a little dated.

The Armitt started out as a (non-lending) library, a place where you could go for some peace and learning, it was infact Beatrix Potter's local library. Beatrix was one of the Armitt’s early supporters, and their collection holds a number of her family’s books as well as her personal first editions of the ‘little’ books. Her major gift came in the form of a large number of exquisite botanical watercolours. At the centre of our exhibition ‘Beatrix Potter, Image and Reality’, these works reveal fascinating and lesser-known aspects of her life story.

The branding represents the strong book shape and can be used as a device to hold images. We produced 'A' boards, signage, banners and other external graphics.


The Armitt also houses one of the country’s most important collections of artwork by Kurt Schwitters, who influenced the development of twentieth-century art and lived in Ambleside during his final years. In early 2016, generous support from the V&A Purchase Fund, the National Art Collections Fund, the Friends of the Armitt and local donors allowed us to acquire a further five wonderful Schwitters paintings from his Ambleside years.

A-Board  |  Beatrix Potter Exhibition

A-Board  |  Kurt Schwitters Exhibition

Poster  |  Entrance Signage

Roadside Signage  |  Featuring the new identity

Roadside Banner  |  Beatrix Potter Exhibition