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September 27, 2016 - No Comments!

Filming Levison Wood, explorer, photographer & TV personality.

When Levison Wood arrived at the Craghoppers HQ in Trafford Park, Manchester to catch up with the clothing design team, we were there to capture his every move. The Craghoppers marketing team had asked to create a short web film for them. Shot by Andrew Lawrence of Mount Creative and edited in-house at Cactus Creative.

Levinson Wood, for those that haven't come across him, is a best selling author, explorer & photographer. He has covered stories and events around the word and now appears regularly on our TVs with his epic long distance walking documentaries. And a very nice chap to boot.

September 26, 2016 - No Comments!

New logo design for Mapdec Cycle Works. A reflection of Kendal’s cycling heritage.

Gone are the days of boring cycle training sessions.

This is a new kind of cycling training studio and owner, Paul Vousden, asked us for a new logo design.

New logo design for Mapdec Cycle Works
The Mapdec studio will feature 10 Tacx Neo, 2 Wahoo Kickr and 1 CompuTrainer. This selection covers all wheel and axle sizes and the CompuTrainer allows them to further analyse a person's pedal stroke in one to one coaching sessions.

This is a very exciting new project and we know it will be a huge success. A training studio that allows you to ride your own bike, and gives you all the data you can possibly imagine, how can it fail?

So onto the logo design - Paul wanted something industrial, and reflective of Kendal's heritage. The green top to the capital M represents their Map Board beginnings, and a subtle hint at 'raising the bar'. Green is the colour of energy, life, nature, harmony and ambition, so it became a natural choice. Plus it is Paul's favourite colour.

The new Mapdec Studio opened officially on the 28th September 2016 and we were there for the first ever session of 'Sufferfest'.


September 26, 2016 - No Comments!

Cumbria Tourism launches major campaign with Cactus Creative

Cumbria Tourism launches major campaign
to attract winter visitors
Cumbria Tourism is unveiling plans for a major marketing campaign to promote the Lake District, Cumbria, as an all-year-round visitor destination during the traditionally quieter winter months.
Cumbria Tourism will launch the new five-month campaign on 1 November 2016, running through until the end of March 2017. The aim is to showcase the wide range of events and attractions people can enjoy throughout the winter, by sharing content, images and itineraries to inspire staycations and drum home the message that visitors are welcome at any time of year.
Cumbria Tourism is working with Cactus Creative on the visuals, building on the success of its AWARD WINNING #theplacetobe campaign which has been promoting the Lake District, Cumbria, nationally and internationally.
Ian Stephens, Managing Director of Cumbria Tourism, says, “Unlike many other UK destinations, the Lake District Cumbria has a plentiful supply of popular events and places to visit regardless of the changing seasons. There is no doubt last winter was a challenging time for our £2.62 billion tourism sector, but we are finalising this campaign on behalf of our 2,500 tourism members to showcase Cumbria’s destinations on the national stage and help make the most of the current trend for staycations.”
Further details about Cumbria Tourism’s winter marketing campaign will be announced in the coming weeks.