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August 26, 2016 - No Comments!

Cycle clothing brand approached Cactus Creative to develop a logo and design a clothing range.

evoloCycle clothing has come a long way and it's not every day you're asked to help create a new clothing brand. This project was right up our street (and trail).

First we had to brainstorm a name, Evolo was chosen from a comprehensive list. This Latin word means 'to escape'. This then gave us our strapline - ride to escape.

Next, the logo itself, we needed to develop something that would work equally as well for both road cycling & mountain biking. It also had to look good on the clothing itself, that's a given.

Finally, we were asked to help create the MTB clothing range, something new to us but if it's a creative process then we're happy to oblige. Being riders ourselves meant we knew exactly what's needed - the materials, the cut and the colours.

Their new website is coming soon.