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May 20, 2016 - Comments Off on Behind the Scenes with Levison Wood

Behind the Scenes with Levison Wood

We caught up with a man who’s walked over 7000 miles in Craghoppers clothing.

Levison Wood is a journalist who was never cut out for the office. An awe-inspiring explorer, author and photographer. A man in pursuit of adventure, for the knowledge and perspective it brings. In 2014, Lev completed his epic nine month expedition walking the Nile.

Levison's recent expedition walking the Himalayas - the world's highest mountain range , saw him cover an incredible 1700 miles on foot, travelling through five countries and some of the world's most spectacular, yet perilous landscapes.

As he walked from Afghanistan to Bhutan, the challenges kept coming. From long days in a tough climate, to a car accident that nearly ended his expedition - not to mention his life.

Just last month we spent the day with Lev at Iris Studios & London's Royal Geographical Society to interview him and find out how he did it, how it felt, and why? Images & video by Adam Capper & Rolling Vision.


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