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Cumbria Tourism | National Advertising Campaign

Following the success of the Award winning #theplacetobe campaign, we were approached to look at the new Cumbria Tourism campaign again for 2016. After much discussion, we all felt we should follow the same creative theme. This year the campaign was shown on digital panels in Euston, Kings Cross, Birmingham, Newcastle and Leeds railway stations. Press ads were published in the Guardian, The Observer, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Metro, Manchester Evening News and Mail on Sunday. The campaign utilised both still photography and video all shot by Ben Gerrish of HDDN Media and edited in-house here at Cactus.

Cumbria Tourism | National Advertising Campaign

The key to the success of these campaigns is the stunning imagery linked with great headlines. All photogrpahy & video was art directed by one our team and edited in-house. This ensures the quality always stays at a premium. And as an added bonus we even got to model in a few of shots too (as we did in last years campaign). We're the guys on the Infinity bridge!

Kings Cross Station | Digital Advertising Panels